How to Draw a Babe

Artist: estheryu1981 / November 29, 2010

Step 1.

Step 1: Establish a pose and start by drawing a circle for the head, and then draw out the square body, lower body part. Consider drawing the guides as closely to these as possible to achieve a more satisfying look.

Step 2.

Think of a pose as a silhouette, depicting on how easy silhouettes can be to draw. I label a few poses to give an example on the point I'm trying to make. Sexy babes always flash their goods to attract their mates. An overlapping leg onto the other t   

Step 3.

Now, let's start laying down the basic skeleton to get a good idea on how your babe will seem. This is the most important step.

Step 4.

Remove the pink color part that you will see a whole body sketch line here.

Step 5.

Start adding a few features that will spark the true foxiness of your babe. Adding a cute and delicate face with nice curves is always nice. Keep in mind to draw the face symmetrically coordinated.

Step 6.

Finish up by drawing extra details to overcome a more achieved finalized look.

Step 7.

After initial erasing and touch ups, you'll have yourself a really cute looking girl! Use micron inking pens for the lines or dark graphite. Finalizing your drawing is most recommended.

Step 8.

Add a few colors and WOOT! I prefer copic markers for an anime styled coloring.

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Artist: estheryu1981
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Description: Hello! I wanted to submit another tutorial this time based on "<em><strong>how to draw a babe</em></strong>", step by step! I know I've submitted a lesson on drawing sexy, but this time, how about a rocker styled chick in a sexy stance? When I think of 'babe', I think of a chick in long scene hair and a cute outfit. You'll be needing to advance yourself in drawing the basic female anatomy in order to "<em>draw babes</em>" on your own. Without further ado, I hope this tut will satisfy your drawing needs (yes I mean you too, boys ;D). Have fun and good luck!