How to Draw Manga Girls


Okay. let's get started. This step is not really a step at all. Instead I wanted to draw two vies of an anime head. One is from the front, and the other is from the side. Notice how the same expression on the face seems to change when viewed from the   


Here is some really nicely drawn anime eyes of all types. This actually took me the longest to draw out of all the steps I've included because I wanted them to look very realistic. When drawing realistic anime eyes, remember that there is a lot of sh   


These are different styled noses and as you can see they all look very different. The smaller nose on the bottom right is usually used for female anime characters, while the other larger noses are for males.


You will be drawing three heads here that are all in different view points. Start by making three circles, and then fill them in with facial guidelines. The last face to the right needs the shape of a chin and jawline like you see here. This is the f   


Now you can start drawing out the actual shapes of their heads, cheeks, jaws, and chins like you see here. Again, the head all the way to the right has the back of the neck drawn in so do this as well.


For the first two anime faces, you will start drawing in their eyes like you see here. All you have to do when drawing anime eyes, is remember that they are supposed to be more intense at the lids then they are as a whole. Notice how the top lids are   


Here you will finish drawing out the faces like you see here. This includes getting the eyes all drawn out, and then add the eyebrows. Once the eyes are taken care of, you can begin sketching out their necks, and ears like so. Add the blushing on the   


Finish drawing in all the shading and shadowing to the eyes of the anime face in the middle. When that is done you are ready to start erasing all the lines and shapes you drew in step one.


Now that you have finished this lesson, you should have a few nicely drawn anime faces. I hope this tutorial helped you learn how to draw anime faces better, please make sure you join me for more great fun!

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January 27, 2017

Description: Remember when I said that I was going to be uploading a tutorial that will aid you to drawing anime a whole lot better? Well, here is the lesson I was talking about, and in it you will be taught, “how to draw manga girls", step by step. I may have a lot of tutorials that teach you to draw anime heads, eyes, noses, and mouths, but I don’t recall ever drawing out a lesson that actually teaches you how to make an anime face. Now because one of the first types of characters I started drawing was anime/manga based, I know how difficult it can be when drawing a face of said style. Japanese animators really know their stuff when it comes down to creating their anime, and manga characters for television shows, books, and movies. Sometimes when I would struggle whenever I would draw anime people, I would close my eyes and try to imagine how the professionals do it. Instead of daydreaming all the time on creating my own manga characters like the pros, I took charge and bought books on the ins and outs to creating realistic anime figures that would not only aid me to making my own comic book characters, but to also teach me how to draw better. To me I think I have anime and manga drawing down packed but I still do have some complications sometimes. So because it took me so long to learn what I do better, I want to teach all you guys "how to draw manga girls" the right way. I know all you fanatics out there will love this lesson because I simply fell in love when I was drawing it out. So I think it’s time for me to shut up, so you can get busy understanding how to become a better artist too. Join me for Livestream in a little while guys because it’s going to be fun. Adios peeps, and enjo the rest of your drawing day!

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