How to Draw a Red Bird, Red Cardinal Bird


Begin by making two shapes, one circle for the head, and an egg shape for the body like so.


Next, begin sketching out the actual form of the cardinal's face and head. Notice how they have a spiked crown of feathers on top of their head. Draw the fluffy spot in the middle of the neck like so.


Here all you have to do is draw in the mask lining which will be colored in black when you are done with the drawing. Once the lining is made, draw out the beak, as well as the eye. Be sure to color in the eye.


Draw in the nicely rounded wing. Make sure that there is a couple layers of feathers that make up the wings form.


Now let's start drawing out the body almost completely. Start with making the lining for the back of the neck, then draw the raised feathers along the lower part of the back. Follow up with the tail feathers, then draw the chest feathers. Add detaili   


Draw out the small branch that this red cardinal is sitting or resting on like so, and be sure to add a few small leaves.


Finish things up by adding detail and definition to the branch like so, then draw in the small leaves at the ends of the small branches. Erase the mistakes so you end up with a clean image for coloring.


Here is what your cardinal looks like when you are finished. Color it in to perfection and show people what you have done.

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May 7, 2018

Description: I might as well go ahead and upload this tutorial on "how to draw a red bird", step by step. Red birds are also commonly known as the cardinal. They have read colored feathers, with a black colored mask on their face that covers the forehead, eyes, pat of the chest and neck, and around the beak area. The red cardinal bird can be found in all sorts of areas of Northern America. Their bright colored bodies and stunning appearance make them one of the most watched and admired birds to avid bird watchers. I always have fun drawing birds because to me, all birds are beautiful in their own unique way. I hope you enjoy drawing a red cardinal or red bird, I will return later with some more drawing fun so stick around. Peace out folks!

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