How to Draw Parrots, Draw Macaws

Artist: makangeni / January 17, 2013

Step 1.

Before we start drawing a complete full body parrot, let's see how to draw some of its main parts. The wings of the parrot, and, in general, of all the birds, can be "synthesized" in some simple forms that will help you mantaining the correct propor   

Step 2.

Parrots have clawed zygodactyl feet, this mean that they have four toes for each feat: two toes facing forward and two back. This arrangement is most common in arboreal species of birds, like the parrots. The claws are very long and curved to ensure   

Step 3.

Another important characteristic of the parrot is the strong, curved bill. Its form and dimensions vary depending on the species. In the image you can see some examples of different parrots. They are different not only for the bill, but also for di   

Step 4.

Now, it's time to draw a full body parrot, a Blue and Yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna). Its basic form is quite simple, try to draw it correctly.

Step 5.

Draw the head, the neck and the big, curved bill. Its form is very important to make your parrot look like the particular species you chose, because, as we have seen in the step 3, each species of parrot have its type of bill.

Step 6.

Draw the body and the folded wings.

Step 7.

Draw the zygodactyl feet (look step 2) and the long feathered tail.

Step 8.

Add the little round eyes and the white mask that characterises the Macaw. Do not forget to draw also the nostrils.

Step 9.

Add the last details and the parrot is finished!

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Description: This time a tutorial about parrots. They are popular as pets due to their sociable and affectionate nature, intelligence, bright colours, and ability to imitate human voices. They are really fun to draw, I hope you will enjoy this tutorial!