How to Draw Profile Faces, Draw Anime Noses

Artist: Dawn / September 5, 2012

Step 1.

It's critical that you understand the limits of the skull formation. When you're drawing a face from the side view, you must know the undermining structure of the skull before you start building form on top of guidelines. Know that, understanding the   

Step 2.

Knowing the facial alignment of your figure's face, is just as important as understanding the skeleton's form. The smaller line indicates that the eye is directly aligned with the nostril. If you're viewing a face from the front, the same principle w   

Step 3.

Here's two ways to draw a female's face. When drawing a female from the side, you can give her either a feminine or masculine styled nose. Generally, females have softer and less define features than males. The male needs to have prominent and extra    

Step 4.

This is another example, using the same principles presented in the above step. Look at the difference when you draw your male characters with either a masculine or feminine nose/face structure. See how different they both appear? Knowing how to stru   

Step 5.

Here's just two examples of a male and female face from the front, exploiting the ways the noses are drawn. A female's nose will have only a slight bit of indication, while the male character should have more definition to his nose. Make sure you obs   

Step 6.

Look at these nose variations and face shapes, that take effect on the overall appearances of each head. See how much a different facials can change a person's character? Experiment with various facial structures as much as possible. Observe other ar   

Step 7.

Now, straying away from the 'teen' styled profile faces, let's take a look at ways we can manipulate the face shape and create varied characteristics by altering various spaces of the chins, noses, and brows. I'd advise you to practice and experiment   

Step 8.

Here's a take on an elderly face. Notice how the face becomes saggy and not as chisel and tight than a younger face. Remember, to further your visual knowledge, look at lots of pictures of elderly folks. Be unique by creating a style or character uns   

Step 9.

Here's just a huge variety of noses you can adapt with, and how each nose style creates a unique effect. Notice how each nose isn't even similar to each other, besides the angles. Again, looking at the female noses, see how they are much softer in de   

Step 10.

The first thing you need to do is make the shape for the face that will be drawn in a side view profile. After you get the shape done, add the facial guidelines.

Step 11.

Start right between the eyes and begin drawing out the slope of the nose, as well as the nose, lips or mouth, then the chin and jaw line.

Step 12.

All you have to do here is draw out the ear, then add in all the detailing and definition like so.

Step 13.

Once you draw out the eyebrows, eye and the mouth line, you will want to add a nostril. When the face is complete, you can go ahead and sketch out the hairstyle to your new character face. Of course you can make the style of your choice, this is just   

Step 14.

Lastly, draw in the shape of the neck, then add the small detailing which will add definition to his throat area. Erase the mistakes, then you are all done.

Step 15.

Here is the drawing of a side profile anime man. Yours should come come out looking the same, or similar to the one you see here. I hope this tutorial was helpful to you all.

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Description: Aloha everyone, how is your day going so far? I know a lot of kids started school recently with my brothers and sisters included. It has been so crazy in my house because of all the running around and getting things ready as well as getting situated to start another school year. Today I will be uploading a fun lesson that will show you "how to draw profiles", step by step. Drawing anime or manga profiles can be difficult at times because there is so many aspects to making ones face. There is plenty of tip steps that are included which is a bonus because everyone loves it when something is explained in detail. Not only will you be drawing the profiles of a face, you will also be teaching yourself how to draw anime noses as well. I plan on uploading all new anime lessons that will be both helpful and informative to aid you all to making better anime and manga characters. For today anime profiles will be what I'm uploading, then tomorrow will be something else. If you have an idea, or are struggling with a certain area when it comes to anime or manga, please don't hesitate to drop me a request. I know I may take a long time to fill requests, but I will do them eventually. Well, have fun people, and remember to rate, comment or both. I shall return.