How to Draw Feathers

Artist: Dawn / September 21, 2010

Step 1.

First, you must understand the basics of a bird wing. Here lays a diagram of a typical wing expanded. 1. Are the primaries of a wing. 2. Are the secondaries of the wing. It usually morphs it's height and length from the primaries in a harmonic patter   

Step 2.

1. (rounded feather) Smaller feathers that scatter the body of feathered creatures, are more commonly round, typically because of the role they play to enable a correct flight process. The closer they reach to the base of the body, the smaller they g   

Step 3.

When bird semi folds it's wings, there are some key points to focus on. The head of the wing becomes more oval-ish - closer to the body. 1. the width between the primaries and secondaries create a blunt space. The closer the primaries, the closer it'   

Step 4.

Here are a few views of wings. Take a full hour and study on feathered wing references.

Step 5.

First, start off with two lines that create the base of the feathers. In this case, you're exercising your skills for drawing feathers.

Step 6.

Next, shape the feathers around the base line. You have freedom to create any shaped feather, depending on what creature you're drawing feathers for.

Step 7.

Lastly, finalize some details that you can decorate your wing with. Remember, the more detail, the increase in realism.

Step 8.

This is typically the line art your feathers should resemble. Always keep in mind to keep practicing and to research what you draw. Without knowledge on what you're drawing, you'll prone to falling in a pit of mistakes. All there is to say is, good l   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Hey folks, I've been up way past my bedtime and before I go to bed, there's a helpful lesson eager to be brought into the world xD. In this tutorial, you'll be learning in a few steps on “how to draw feathered wings”, step by step. Of course in this tutorial you'll only be able to “draw feathers” to where you can actually build up the wing accurately. I've included some helpful hints and tips on “how to draw a bird wing” and some typical feathers you would see on primary and secondary flight feathers. In order to draw a very brilliant and accurate feathered wing, you'll need to understand the basic form of it. Study on books of birds to see the way they appear in different poses. I myself own a bird book called “Birds of Prey”, which in-fact is a very helpful resource to reference bird wings from. Don't be a fool and draw them the wrong way, learn from this tutorial and urge yourself to practice more. The tutorial only gives you feather step-by-steps other than wing steps. I've drawn the bird character in the tutorial picture so it gives this tut a unique appearance, regardless of the title. The picture was drawn during one of the LiveStreams I take part on weekdays at 8 PM eastern time. Take note that smaller feathers don't carry much attention nor detail than feathers of a wing or tail. They are much smaller in size as they get further near the skin. Anyways, this tutorial was one of my favorites drawn today. I look forward to finding out if this step-by-step has helped you in any way! Thanks so much for viewing, and good luck with learning “how to draw feathers”, step by step!