How to Draw a Realistic Car, Draw Real Car

Artist: finalprodigy / October 9, 2010

Step 1.

Alright so my first mistake began with my materials. The pen, pencils, torillion, eraser, and charcoal were great but the paper was not ideal for these purposes. It was too gritty and textured. Unless you want a grainy look to your drawing use smooth   

Step 2.

This began simply enough. I roughly sketched out the skeleton of the car in pencil, not bothering too much with exactness.

Step 3.

This step involved further development of the car. I started adding wheel, head lights, and what not.

Step 4.

This step involved blending over the entire car with the tortillion followed by making more definite outlines using the mechanical pencil.

Step 5.

It was then time to erase around the outside edges of the car. I also "illuminated" the fog lights during this step.

Step 6.

Using the big pencil, I began adding the darkness to the car, from background to foreground.

Step 7.

This is the end result of the previous step.

Step 8.

Alright. This step involved roughly shading in all of the dark areas with charcoal and then blending them in with a tortillion. I also used the same tortillion to blend over all of the slightly lighter areas.

Step 9.

In this step, I used the pen to outline the car and key features, like the hood AND THEN blended that outline in by drawing over the pen with pencil. The idea is to make the transition from pencil to pen look seamless.

Step 10.

This step involved defining the rims and re-erasing the outer outline of the car. I also better defined the shadow underneath it.

Step 11.

This step was more or less just for aesthetic purposes. This is where I realized that the drawing wouldn't turn out the way that I wanted it to so I decided to try and make it look cool anyway ;) You can noticed how I darkened the areas around the fo   

Step 12.

Alright, so here is the end result. Can you spot all of the mistakes that are DRIVING ME CRAZY!?!?! Well tell me about them in the comments and I will use your advice in part 2. Unless I keep getting sicker I should have part two up within a week or    

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Artist: finalprodigy
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Description: I am going to divide this tutorial into two parts. This first part deals with me just looking at a picture of a car and drawing it without using strict perspective or measurements. The second part will deal with me drawing from the same picture but using knowledge that I gained from this first attempt. This first lesson will also reveal my many mistakes and hopefully keep you from making them as well. I truly am not happy with how this turned out BUT I would rather teach through my mistakes than hide them or throw them away. So here we go with part one of two!