How to Draw Lin Chung

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Lets get started. First, I like to point out that your character is going to be drawn in an action pose. You will first make a circle for the head, and then add the guidelines for the face, body, and legs. The arms will need to be drawn in as shapes.


Begin drawing out Lin Chung's blocky head shape starting with his helmet lid. You will then draw the sharp straight lines to form the flaps of his helmet, and then the shape of his face which is drawn in as the jaw and chin.


Finish drawing out the helmet like so, and then add some definition or detail lines on the front lid, and along the sides. When that is done draw in some of his facial features like the nose and mouth, and then draw in his right arm and hand. Lastly,   


You are almost done just keep going. Now what you will do is draw out the large hand, and fingers that is "BOOM" in your face like so. When that is done, you can draw out and color in the eyes, and add a nail to the right hand, and some lines to make   


Almost done guys, finish drawing out the hand by adding a thumb, and the nails. Draw in the bracelet, and then add the design on the spear. Draw the lower portion of his body, and then move to the last drawing step.


Lastly, sketch in the pattern on the helmet's lid, and then draw out the sash around his waist, and the detailing line on his gi. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one to clean up your drawing.


Here is Lin Chung when he is all done. As you can see he is waiting to be colored in so start shading in this character you just drew. I hope you enjoyed this lesson, and I also hope you join me again for more drawing fun.

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January 13, 2017

Description: Before I get to the last lesson of the day to complete the Zevo-3 hero squad, I wanted to upload a tutorial that was requested by a member. They asked if I could do a tutorial on a character from a Cartoon Network show called “Hero: 108“. Now, I have never heard of the show before, and it’s probably due to the fact that I haven’t watched too much television over the past few months, so when I read up on the character that I was going to draw, just the look and style of this figure was exciting to me. I love drawing fighters of any sorts, but when I draw Asian warriors like ninja, or samurai, I have so much fun. So, having said that, for my fourth lesson I will be teaching you guys "how to draw Lin Chung", step by step from the popular animated series, Hero: 108. Lin Chung is from the First Squad which is basically Big Green’s elite warriors. He is on the classified books as being Hero 006, and he is also said to be one of the more accomplished warriors on the squad. His skill level is so impressive, that Lin Chung is being recognized as Big Green’s most skilled warrior. Some of his abilities that helps make him such an awesome fighter is his Panther vision. This ability allows Chung to view the world in slow motion, and he can also see at a distance that has never been seen before. In other words, he can see what is happening somewhere that is fifty or so miles away, pretty cool huh. Anyways, his appearance sort of reminds me of Samurai Jack, because of the block like design. He should be an easy character to tackle as you follow this tutorial on "how to draw Lin Chung". I’m sure most of you are more familiar with this character then I am, but that will soon change because I am going to start watching the series. Well, that’s it for this description. I will be back later with more drawing fun, so stay tuned in to see what it is.

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