How to Draw Scales


First and far most, lay down a place mat for the scales. You can use a fish body or just a simple tail for practicing.


Here, you'll need to depict the direction of the scales. Here I lay down the directions of where the scales will be placed. Take your time at this part, things can get a little confusing.


For a little definition of a reptile or reptilian creature you're drawing, add the underbelly. From this view, you should only see the belly slightly.


In this case, you'll be drawing a random placement of scales that would be best used on a dinosaur, dragon, or any other beast that resembles of the two. Scales like these vary in size, but always theme in the same 'octagon' like sides. You can mix a   


Erase guidelines, and this is what you should end up with!


Repeat what you did in the beginning of this tutorial.


Like in the previous step, lay down the foundation and add a different direction to place the scales. In this case, you'll be drawing a different style, which fits fishes or simplistic creatures that have scales.


Add the underbelly and lines that separate each scale.


Now, with these type of scales, crosshatch twice in left/right directions to get the "diamond" shaped scale. These are pretty nifty for simplistic animals/creatures.


Erase guides and should have yourself nice pretty shapes! Repeat this process if you want to practice until you get satisfyingly better.


Repeat like you did in "Step 1.".


This is a very common style you see on fish, dragons, and snakes. Depict the direction that the scales are patterned. The arrows show the motion/direction to help guide your eyes.


Draw the underbelly if wanted.


To create good scale shapes, start from the beginning and work your way underneath the first row you created. Try drawing them slowly and not too rushed. When you get to the feeling of rushing, you're bound to mess up.


Erase your guidelines and you should have a nice scale set!

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October 16, 2010

Description: Hey guys, how about a fun and helpful lesson on “how to draw scales, step by step”. Most of you peeps that are starting off with drawing reptiles, have problems with drawing these particular parts of a creature. It consumes patience, practice, and time to create eye pleasing scale designs. All it is, is a texture that spruces up your design. There are many types of scales that artists stylize in. In this tutorial, I break down three of the styles that you can draw them in. My favorite style that I find to be easier and faster to draw is the diamond crosshatch. This is my own created word combination because there really isn’t a name to call it. What you do, is simply draw the direction of lines and draw the same length lines in a diagonal way. This will create a diamond pattern. NEVER draw them in a perfect across angle or else they will seem boxed which is a big no no! I drew all of them on Paint Tool Sai, a very useful and easy drawing program you can purchase for 60$. It’s a lot cheaper and bug free than Photoshop is. Anyways, I really hope this tutorial will become of use for you folks. You can add these patterns to your dragons, creatures, fishes, and any other reptilian creature you’ll draw in the future. I’d advise you to research and reference from images of real scales and what they are fond on. For instance, birds have a strange scale pattern, which are large box-like shapes that fade off into smaller subordinates. Well, I guess I’ve given you enough tips! Thanks so much for viewing this tutorial on “how to draw scales! Don’t forget to leave feedback on how you did and to post your artworks onto the site! Good luck!

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