How to Draw a Realistic Penguin, Draw Real Penguin

Artist: finalprodigy / October 10, 2010

Step 1.

Hers is what I used: Two big graphite pencils, a .5mm mechanical pencil, a kneadable eraser, a tortillion, and a white acrylic marker. The paper itself is very textured, not smooth. The texture of the paper will make this drawing much more realistic.

Step 2.

Alright, I forgot to list a stick of graphite in the materials section but this is really the only step in which you use it. Lightly rub the graphite longways across the page. The result should look very grainy due to the texture of the paper.

Step 3.

Using either your tortillion or a paper towel/tissue paper, blend over the entire sheet of paper. The texture should still show through.

Step 4.

Alright! Time to start sketching in our penguin family. Use a graphite pencil for this stage and don't worry about exactness. Also, DO NOT ERASE YET!

Step 5.

Alright time to erase! Using your kneadable eraser erase the lighter parts of the penguins, like the stomachs and necks of the parents and the faces of the chicks.

Step 6.

Now, using your mechanical pencil start laying in details and outlines.

Step 7.

This is where we start darkening the picture by combining mechanical and wooden pencil.Notice how I darkened the adults' faces. I also erased and outlined around the penguins to add more contrast between them and the background.

Step 8.

Here I added more darkness and contrast to the image. I also started adding more detail to the penguins' bodies.

Step 9.

This is the result of the added darkness/detail. Notice that I also erased a larger outline around the penguins here.

Step 10.

Time to add detail to those adorable chicks! Is it just me or do they resemble owls somehow??

Step 11.

Here is the result of the previous step...

Step 12.

Now, using the acrylic marker start drawing over the lightest parts and the outlines. Also, brighten up the background. You can also add texture to the ground to make it seem more lice snow.

Step 13.

Here is our resulting family of flightless birds =)

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