How to Draw a Chinese Dragon For Kids


First off we're going to start with a frame for our dragon, we'll make a long winding line with three ovals. One for the head, one for where the arms will come out and another for the legs.


Then we'll draw the shape of the head and the general shape of the face.


Now we'll draw out the pupils, and the dragon's eye whiskers and give him some scales, spines and some horns.


Now we'll start drawing out the body, coming down from the neck and bringing it down and a round.


We'll stop so that we can draw on the forelegs before continuing on with the rest of the dragon's body.


We'll continue on with the body and bring the lines up and around.


Now just like the front legs, we're going to stop and add the hind legs.


Now we'll bring the tail down and around, curling it back at the end.


Then we can add the rest of the spines, scales on both the body and the underside and add some hair at the end of the tail.


And there you have it. A chinese dragon for kids. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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July 1, 2011

Description: I'm really on a roll this week, I wonder how many tutorials I can get done this week. Anyways, let's keep things going. I have another fun tutorial for all of you and this time it's a dragon. I'm going to show you all how to draw a chinese dragon for kids. Get out your favorite drawing tools and we'll get started.

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