How to Draw an Anime Werewolf Girl


First things first, draw three outlined shapes for the three different sections of the werewolf girl's body. The head, torso and back end should be attached. Sketch in the facial guidelines then proceed to step two.


For the next step, you will sketch out the structure of her face or shape, then draw in the bangs which are puffy and widespread apart.


For the next step you will draw out the thick eyelids which also have thick end lashes. Draw in the eyebrows followed by the nose mouth and fangs.


Next, begin drawing out the shape of her head which is also the long wavy hairstyle. When her hair is all done, you will need to also draw in the ears. The lining for the ear shapes should be layered to show fur or the werewolf's coat.


You will now draw the shoulders and arms which are in a straight extended position. You will then draw the chest or breasts, followed by the cleavage and body definition which is the collar and dimple between that elbow line.


Finish drawing the body which is the bottom half of her torso which is also the top part of the waist. Draw the pant line and make sure the end of the shirt is ripped and torn.


Here you will draw the rest of the pants which are short shorts. Add the detailing to the belt and shorts, and add the muscle definition on the stomach.


Instead of drawing the butt, you will draw the tail. The werewolf's tail should be puffy or fluffy. Add some hair to the surface of the tail, then move to step nine.


To finish this drawing off of the anime werewolf girl, you will need to draw the thighs, and short line. Erase whatever mistakes you have made throughout the lesson.


Here is the finished drawing of your anime werewolf girl. Now you can begin the coloring process.

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September 30, 2017

Description: Okay, who is ready for an anime version of a werewolf girl that is super cute, dressed in torn clothes and has pretty eyes? I was inspired to make this lesson because my little sister bought her Halloween costume today and it was based on Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High. Even though Clawdeen inspired me as far as concept design goes, I think my anime drawing came out prettier. Anyways, here is "how to draw an anime werewolf", step by step. If you notice her body pose is on all fours or just her hands and knees. I wanted to draw her as she would look after transformation had taken place. I had a lot of fun so hopefully you do too when you tackle this lesson. Adios mi amigos.

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