How to Draw Sexy Anime

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You will start by drawing the guides for the head and torso. Sketch in the facial guidelines, then draw an attaching neck line.


Using the guides, sketch in the shape of the face. When that is done move to step two.


Use the facial guidelines to draw in the eyes. This time both the top and bottom eye lids should be thick or bold. Draw and color in the eyebrows, then add a nose and mouth.


Next, draw the shape of her head in the form of her hair, then draw the semi long ponytails. The bangs should be long and also detailed with strand layers.


Next, draw the shape of her neck, then draw some of the chest, arm and shoulder. Take your time so her body pose comes out accurate.


Lastly, sketch in her clothing which is a loose top. I guess you could say that the shirt is like a very oversized sweater. Add the wrinkles and then some of the creases. Erase all of the mistakes and guides then you are done.


Here it is, the finished results. Now you can have fun coloring in your drawing of a sexy anime girl.

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January 4, 2017

Description: I wasn't sure what to call this lesson because I was just drawing random stuff to make more anime related figures. So having said that here is "how to draw sexy anime", step by step. Whenever you draw any kind of anime you have to come up with an idea, setting, and pose. With this girl I wanted to make sure that she was cute, sweet, and also had a sexy look. Even though she is defined as 'sexy', she also has a very classy appeal because she has clothes on. I drew her shirt hanging off her shoulder and as you can see her clothing is baggy. Anyways, there is not much more to say, all I can tell you is have fun and I hope you learn something new. Peace out peeps and enjoy all the fun there is.

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