How to Draw a Lagoon

Artist: Dawn / February 17, 2012

Step 1.

Begin the lagoon sketch by making some foliage which are big, forest like leaves that are banana shaped.

Step 2.

Before drawing any more exotic trees and foliage, add some detailing and definition to the leaves you just made like so.

Step 3.

Continue the process of drawing a variety of plants and bush, and when you are done, add detailing to the insides of the leaves which should be dimple notches. Notice how the different plants are bunched in together like you would see in a real lagoo   

Step 4.

Now you will draw some branches which is peeking through the side of your drawing canvas. To add some color, these leaves will be colored with a beautiful orange shade.

Step 5.

You will now sketch in distant bush and trees as you can see. The foliage should be drawn on a small scale. Notice how the ferns and tropical trees look small in the distance.

Step 6.

You are almost done guys. All you have to do now is draw in the rock or visible ground and mountain that you see here. Sketch in the surface detailing like so, and then move to step seven.

Step 7.

For added beauty, draw a rocky cliff that will be used for a small spilling waterfall. Sketch in detailing and definition, and then you can start cleaning your drawing up to prepare it for vivid colors.

Step 8.

Here is your drawing once you are all done. Now you can pick and choose as you color in your beautiful sketch.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 17, 2012
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Tags: how to draw landscapes, draw ponds
Description: I have been really getting into drawing beautiful and exotic landscapes that can be used for backgrounds, or just as wonderful nature sceneries. Today I will be showing you guys "how to draw a lagoon", step by step. For a while I wondered what a lagoon was, and before I made this tutorial I was still stumped. The idea to make a lesson on drawing a lagoon came after I watched a film called ‘Blue Lagoon’ which is an old eighties flick which starred Brooke Shields when she was sixteen years old. The beautiful escape of how everything looked in the movie took my breath away and because of that I really wanted to recreate something so mesmerizing. So, getting back to that question on what is a lagoon, here is my official answer. A lagoon is a shallow body of water that is closed in by surrounding islands. A lagoon is filled or created by tidal currents that our water in, and out of a shallow area of an island. There are three different types of lagoons; leaky lagoons, restricted lagoons, and chocked lagoons. Trying to break down the differences between all three lagoon types is going to be a little challenging because there is so much to say about them. I can however direct you to a website that can explain in better detail how lagoons are created and the differences between them. Well I hope you have fun with this tutorial, it was awesome and fun to create.