How to Draw a Whale Shark, Whale Shark

Artist: Dawn / February 17, 2012

Step 1.

Ok, so like I state in previous tutorial, we always must start with the basic guideline in order to create a proportional body. All artists, even professionals, start with a rough guideline of their future figure. In this case, we will start with an    

Step 2.

Then, we'll start sketching the front region of the body which forms the flipper as well. It's best to draw from the top of the head and then work your way beneath the chin and lastly, to the fin.

Step 3.

Next, we'll sketch the back and fins which overlay it. Note that the tail fin is most longest at the tip and is relatively shorter at the bottom. Never draw the tail fin with equal lengths. The reason for this large fin is to move the whale shark's h   

Step 4.

Then, to complete the base detailing and form of our whale shark, we'll add the necessary detailing like the mouth, small dotted eye, and the textured ridges that run along the base of the body to the tail tip.

Step 5.

Lastly, take your time and add the dotted pattern along the shape of the body. Notice how the dots warp within the shapes and mounds of flesh. This is important because it will make the whale seem less flat and yield depth/dimension.

Step 6.

With further line cleanup and extra tightening to your lines, you should have something similar to this. Go ahead and ink him out with either a marker or black ball point pen. I hope you had a blast and that this tut was easy enough for you! Thanks f   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 17, 2012
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Description: Hello guys welcome back to another lesson that will have you saying “wow that's cool”. For a while I have wanted to do a tutorial on a certain shark species that is talked about when the word sharks comes up. Now, when I was a kid, I thought the creature "whale shark" meant a whale sized great white which could possibly shred apart whale sized creatures. To my disappointment though, I later came to realization (with age) that these creatures are a merely called a "whale" because of their huge size. These creatures filter the waters of the ocean, and don't necessarily eat humans or other creatures relative to itself in size. Just think of them as those little filter feeding fish that you spot in those fish tanks in restaurants or other large aquariums. You know, the ones that stick to the glass and rocks of the fish tank. Anyways, I had a lot of fun with this guy, and I hope you do too. Thanks for viewing and enjoy the journey!