How to Draw an Eerie Forest

Artist: JasonG / January 4, 2013

Step 1.

Now, this tutorial was inspired by my little doodle here, and what I was doing was drawing a forrest in which Slenderman might hide in.

Step 2.

Draw a line near the bottom and thene lay out the plans for the trees. MAke them nice and pointy. Try not to have too many curves

Step 3.

With a B Pencil, fill out the trees and add the basic shape.

Step 4.

Now add branches to your trees

Step 5.

Now lightly draw over your trees with a 6B (or anything you like) like so

Step 6.


Step 7.

Now, darken those trees. Draw that small tree (optional) and use the putty rubber to create fog D:

Step 8.

Draw in the ground in the bottom and , well... Slendy is optional ;D See ya!

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Artist: JasonG
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Description: Hey hey, I'm back again for this little tutorial. A really easy one to try, so enjoy