How to Draw Brookesia Micra, Smallest Chameleon

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We will be drawing the tiniest chameleon in existence so lets get started. Begin by drawing two shapes, one for the body and the other for the head. Make sure that they are connected like so.


You will begin drawing out the shape of the chameleon's head and lower portion of the face which is the jaw and cheek. Sketch in some wrinkles or creases near the back of the head where the neck will meet.


Next, begin sketching out the round shape of the eye which is supposed to look bulged. Draw in the small eyeball in the center of the eye shapes, and add some double lining around the eye shape. Draw the tongue which is licking the other eye. Add som   


Okay, you will begin drawing the body of the chameleon start with the back of the head. Slowly sketch the neck and slightly arched back and then continue the lining to form the small tail which curls up a bit at the tip. You will then tackle the fron   


Finish drawing the body by sketching the hind legs and feet, as well as the crinkled belly. Sketch in some surface detailing and definition on the body like so, and move to step six.


To show how small this chameleon is, you will draw it sitting or standing on top of the match. Draw the match tip and some of the stick like so, and begin erasing the mistakes and guides you drew in step one.


Here is the drawing when you are all done. Now you can color in this cute tiny reptile to perfection. Remember, adults of this species have a light colored orange tail tip.

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February 17, 2012

Description: This next tutorial is going to be based on an incredible species that was recently discovered on February 14th of this year. It is known as the smallest chameleon species and one of the smallest discovered reptiles ever to be found. Today I will be giving you a lesson on this particular lizard, and I think you will all say “how cute”. So without further ado, let us learn "how to draw Brookesia micra", step by step. These tiny little reptiles were discovered on the island of Nosy Hara which is in Antsiranana Madagascar. If you’re wondering why this chameleon species is drawn sitting on the tip of a match stick, it’s because that is to show you guys how small they really are. The measure in at around three centimeters, but can grow up to about 0.63 inches. The Brookesia micra were discovered by a team of researchers from the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology which was led by a fellow by the name of Frank Glaw. More information about this incredibly small and adorable species has to still yet be discovered. For now you can have fun as you begin drawing the tiniest chameleon in the world. Have fun guys and be sure to let me know what you think.

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