Draw a Snake and Skull Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / May 23, 2019

Step 1.

Begin with a couple shapes for the guide of the skull head and the snake's head. You will then draw in the guidelines for the skull's face too.

Step 2.

Next, we will start to draw out the edgy lining that will form the shape of the skull's bony face. The crease on the cheek and on top of the skull should be added for the proper formation of the skull's concept.

Step 3.

We will now draw in the sockets for the hollows of the eyes as well as the shape of the nasal cavity. Sketch in the detailing around the eye and with the nose. Notice that the nose is not smooth lined. Instead it is wrinkled or rough lined.

Step 4.

Here we start to draw in the upper portion of the skull's mouth which also happens to be the teeth too. The pointed front teeth are longer then the rest of the teeth. Once the mouth is done you can sketch in some cracks along the forehead, brow, chee   

Step 5.

Here is where you will sketch in all the cracks and detailing all over the skull's face and upper teeth. Take your time so it gets done neatly and dramatically.

Step 6.

We will work on the snake next. Begin sketching out the shape of the head and mouth. The mouth is open so you will also have to draw the teeth or fangs. Add the arched for the brows and then draw in some of the snake's neck.

Step 7.

Draw in the eyes and then the tongue. You will also start the scaling process too. This is not an easy lesson, but when you finished you will definitely feel accomplished. Add more detailing around the eyes and inside the mouth and then draw in the    

Step 8.

Continue to work on the skull's jaw structure. You will then draw the bottom row of teeth as seen here and then sketch in more detailing to the jaw bone.

Step 9.

Move away from the skull and draw the snakes body some more. Add the scaley belly and then detail the bottoms of the skull's teeth.

Step 10.

The snake is slithering along the top of the skull's head so you will need to draw in the rest of the snakes body which resides on the top of the head. The end of the tail should be curled and when you are done you can sketch in more detailing to the   

Step 11.

Color in the hollows like you see here in step eleven. When that is done draw the back part of the skull and detail it as well.

Step 12.

This is a lengthy process because you will have to patiently draw in all the scales to the snakes body. Take your time and listen to something good that you can sing along to which will help time to pass by.

Step 13.

Lastly, draw in the splatter in the center of the background and notice how the splatter scatters out. You will need to draw the drips too. Erase the mistakes and the guides (if they are visible).

Step 14.

Once your drawing is cleaned up, your end result should look like the drawing you see here. Just add some color and show off the work to friends and family. Don't forget to share, comment and fav this lesson if you found it to be badass.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 23, 2019
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Description: Hey there folks. Welcome back to another lesson here on Dragoart.com. Today I am going to be giving you all another tattoo lesson on a skull and a snake. I know I've done plenty of these lessons in the past, but I was in the mood to do something a lot newer and more vibrant, mean and badass. So, here is another take on how to draw a skull and snake tattoo, step by step. I am absolutely in love with this art and very happy to be sharing it all with you as a lesson. The coloring job is my favorite because of the amount of detail that went into the whole concept. This piece is one of my favorite skull drawings that incorporates the snake. I do hope that you folks love it too. Have fun drawing the snake and skull tattoo and I will prepare more drawing fun for you all.