Skull and Mohawk Tattoo Drawing

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We will start off by making the guide shapes for your skull. This consists of the head and jaw structure. Sketch in the facial guidelines and proceed to step two.


Start drawing the defined shape of the skull's head. Also, you will incorporate the block style brows which are in a mean or angry expressive look. Add some crinkle lines and then draw the shape of the eyeball. Add shading around the outer part of th   


Continue to work on the skull's face. This should include the left eye, the bony cheeks, and then you will draw the massive, over exaggerated jaw structure. With the jaw, draw in the gnarly teeth which are messed up and then add the detailing to the    


Up next, draw the Mohawk. The back end of the hair should be shorter then the front. As you can see the front is longer, and sort of hangs over the face a bit.


For the last step, all you have to do is draw in the cloud that the skull is floating on or in. When you are happy with the drawing, erase the guides and mistakes.


Here is the line art. All that needs to be done now, is add some color. Once you are happy with the colored image, show off what you just drew by uploading your finished work or just by showing someone you know.

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March 10, 2016

Description: I have for you another skull tattoo concept design that is wicked cool. I love skulls and I think Mohawks on skulls are awesome. So here is my take on a new and improved version of a skull and Mohawk tattoo drawing. The colors I used are very bright, vibrant and full of life. This is a great concept for anyone who loves skull tattoos. Of course I had to make the bottom jaw gnarly because to me any skull with a Mohawk has to look kick ass. I do hope you enjoy the lesson, if you would like to see more skull art, just let me know.

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