Draw a Skull Couple Tattoo, Art

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I'm going to try and lay this out as easy as possible. Start off with two guide shapes for the heads of each skull. You will then draw in the facial guidelines as well as the guidelines for the neck and jaw.


Next, you will completely work on the female or more feminine framed skull which is obviously a girl. Start by defining the shape of the skull and incorporate the formation of the brow, nose, upper and lower jaw and then the chin and neck. You will d   


Here you will work on the male or more masculine drawn skull. Follow the same exact steps as you did with the girl skull of course you will draw the profile different as the male skull is more closed off and carries a lessor expressive pose. Continue   


Now you will work on the rose. This may be difficult for some, but when drawing a rose I always from the middle and work my way out. The leaves are the last parts of the rose to be drawn. When the rose is complete, go ahead and sketch in all the deta   


All you will do here is draw in the smoke that surrounds this drawing of a skull couple. As you can see this skull couple is extremely passionate which is a ince concept to add when drawing a couple of skulls. Erase the mistakes that may have occurre   


When the art is cleaned up and freed from eraser debris, your drawing should look like the art made for you here. Go ahead and take your time coloring it in.

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December 4, 2021

Description: Okay guys. It's been a while since I uploaded art based on two skulls in love so I went ahead and conjured up this amazing art piece that is called how to draw a skull couple tattoo, step by step. This drawing took me a few days. I initially was going to leave the sketched drawing colored in a black and grey concept style, but then I wanted to play with some 3D coloring to try and make the skull couple pop off the page. So, in the end the couple have tones of blue, pink, red, grey and black. I love how it came out and I'm sure everyone who tackles this lesson on drawing a skull couple will love it too. I will be back with some different and unexpected stuff. Adios.

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