How to Draw a Ferrari F430 Spider

Artist: DuskEyes969 / November 17, 2014

Step 1.

Sketch the very basic shape of the car.

Step 2.

Now based on what you have sketched, draw the outline of the car .

Step 3.

Finally draw the details from the inside .

Step 4.

Your sketch should look like this .

Step 5.

Using a 2B pencil, add a first layer of shadow .

Step 6.

Smudge what you've done and then add a second, darker layer.

Step 7.

Smudge the second layer and the details.

Step 8.

Now add a first layer using the same 2B on the lower part .

Step 9.

Smudge that layer and add a darker one. It's pretty much what you did on the first part .

Step 10.

Add the details to the bottom half and make the fist layer on the mid section .

Step 11.

Smudge and add the second layers to the middle part of the car. Make sure you leave the highlights.

Step 12.

Smudge and add the final details.

Step 13.

Now move on to the upper front part . Do as you did for the rest, make the first layer .

Step 14.

Smudge that part and make a darker layer.

Step 15.

As before, smudge and add the final details .

Step 16.

Now move on to the bumber . Draw the first layer of grey .

Step 17.

Smudge it and make a second darker layer.

Step 18.

Smudge and make the last layer with details .

Step 19.

Now shade the interior and headlights .

Step 20.

Now shade the wheels.

Step 21.

Finally, make a shadow under the car and you're done .

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