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How to Draw a Buick Grand National

Artist: Dawn / August 6, 2015
How to Draw a Buick Grand National

Step 1.

We will now start with the body guides for your car made by Buick. This is the frame and body of the car so take your time.

Step 2.

Up next, draw in the front windshield, and side windows like so. The side windows are the passenger side glass.

Step 3.

Add some defining line which are also the embossed detailing to the Grand National like so. You will also need to draw in the window frame molding too.

Step 4.

Next, add the flares to the wheel wells, and then draw the edging for the front fender, hood, and grill of the car design. Also draw areas for the directional lights and license plate housing area.

Step 5.

Draw inside the car which is the windows that are seen by looking through the glass, draw the side mirror and then the door handle.

Step 6.

Make the detailing for the hood and hood vent, then proceed to step seven.

Step 7.

We will now draw in the 80s style headlights and draw in the lining for the grill of the Grand National.

Step 8.

Add the grill lines and then draw the detailing to the bumper.

Step 9.

Lastly, draw the two tires and the rough, steel rims on the inside of the tires like so. When you are done you can erase your mistakes.

Step 10.

Here is the finished drawing for your Buick Grand National. Color it in all black or I think they also came in white.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 6, 2015
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Tags: how to draw cars
Description: There was once a car that had such an intimidating appearance and name for itself, one would never think that it came of the Buick line. Today, I will show showing you how to draw the infamous Buick Grand National, step by step. This car is special in more ways than one. Back in the early 1980s till about 1987, the Grand National was a car that every muscle car connoisseur wanted to get behind the wheel of. These cars that where produced by Buick back in the 80s would be relevant to the 2013 Shelby Mustang GT500. Yeah, it was that incredible. The Grand National came predominantly in black to give off that intimidating vibe. It had a V-6 under the hood making it that faster because the engine was lighter than a lot of the 8 cylinder engines out there that where also labeled muscle cars. Other specs to the Grand National was the 4 speed automatic transmission, the horsepower RPM was at 245, Torque RPM was at 355, it was also a 3.8 litter, it went from 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, and the Grand National had top speeds at 124 MPH. That was pretty impressive for a full sized sedan made by Buick. No matter how you look at it, the Buick Grand National was a car that people loved, a machine that muscle car enthusiasts dreamed about driving, and it came almost only in jet black. This lesson will show you that drawing a Grand National is almost as good as driving one. Well, maybe not.