How to Draw a VW Beetle


Let's make a rock like shape for the guide of your VW Beetle. When that is done proceed to step two.


Draw in the curved shaped hood and then draw the headlights and frames around the headlights.


You can now draw the metal bumper and then the trunk handle. Draw the wheel well and then the grooves on the hood.


Make the lip under the bumper and then add the seam lines through the bumper.


Draw the rest of the VW Beetle body shape like so. It's dome shaped and the back wheel wells or fender flares.


Here we will draw in the windshield and then the back door window as well. Don't forget the windshield wipers and then you are done.




Create the door, windows, and front fender as well as the running boards and door handle.


Draw in the tires and the rest of the VW Beetle design, then you can proceed to step ten.


Okay, well draw in the door frame and side mirror. Add the head supports for the seat and then move along.


Lastly, draw in the tire rims and then draw the hubcaps. Erase your mistakes and you are all done.


This is the line art. Now you can color in your Beetle any way you want. Color in the car and you can show folks which car you can draw now.

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August 4, 2015

Description: I know I uploaded one of these cars in the past, but the older models have been making a name for themselves again along with the VW Bus. Here is a VW Beetle drawing lesson. It's a colorful concept because I used colors that bring back peace love and happiness. Of course you can use this lesson to draw Herbie the Lovebug all you have to do is color the VW Beetle white and add the blue and red stripes. I had so much fun when I was coloring this car. I really showed the hippie side in me and now you can create your own Beetle based on what you love.

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