How to Draw a 2016 Shelby Mustang


We will begin by drawing the front end of the Mustang's body frame like you see here. For now just the hood, front fender, and wheel well needs to be drawn.


Here you will draw out the rest of the Mustang's body frame like so. Notice the hood, roof, rear fender, and floor board lining is all drawn in including the left side mirror.


Let's work on the front of the car. Start by drawing the opening for where the grill will be. This is a decorative that allows air to get to the engine/radiator. Next, add the embedded detailing to the front fender like so. This is also called a bump   


Draw in more detailing to create the seam line for where the hood separates from the front bumper. Add the shapes of the headlights, then finish the lower part of the bumper which is where the fog lights are.


Now draw in the shape or lining of the windshield and driver side door window. Add seam lines to the door and then add more detailing to the hood of the Mustang. Also draw in the driver side mirror.


We will add the sports stripes that flows down the hood, roof, and front bumper of the sports car. Draw in the actual lens' for the headlights, then draw the handle for the door.


Up next, simply draw in the tires. You will add dimension to the tires so they look thick.


Add an inner circle to the tires to create the rims for the mustang.


Now draw in the rims which are the nice spoke rim style. Don't forget those lug nuts.


Lastly, add the thick, bold strip horizontally at the bottom part of the driver side door. When that is done color it in like so, then erase the mistakes and guides.


When all is said and done this is the drawing. You can color it in any shade you like to make it personalized for you.

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October 18, 2014

Description: Oh man, this is going to be a sweet lesson for all you muscle car fans out there who love mustangs no matter what year or style they come in. Today I have two sports cars to upload with the first being "how to draw a 2016 Shelby Mustang", step by step. What is different about the new Shelby Mustang? Well, the body seems to be the same, but instead of being a Shelby GT500, it's going to have the same Shelby name attached to the model, but this time it's an SVT. The specifics to the car can be found on Ford's website just type in 2016 Shelby Mustang. I hope you will enjoy this tut as it was requested by someone who is a member at

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