How to Draw the Arkham Knight, Batman Arkham Knight


Start with the basic shape of the body. This determines the proportions and the posture of the body .


Now based on what you sketched, draw the outline of the body .


Following that, draw the major details .


Finally draw the rest of the smaller details .


This is going to go really fast . You only need to make two major layers of gray to give the character volume, and a third ...not so much of a layer of details . Now make the first light layer using a 2B pencil .


If your paper is textured , you should smudge . Smudge ONLY the shadows you made , don't go on the white parts .


Now , the second , dark layer . Because of the high contrast of the image, you don't need a lot of shades of grey , which makes the whole process less difficult. But because of the very high amount of details , you still have to be very meticulous .    


Time for the details . Begin with the head and move down to the legs . Careful around the eyes , you want them to be bright . I used a 7H on the ears, to give the a scratched metal effect .


Move down to the chest . The right side is slightly darker than the left one . I used the 7H a lot in this drawing, it gives you a lot of control over what you're doing .


Now his right arm. Notice how his armor is imbedded in his jacket , thus , some parts are wrinkly and some are straight and shiny .


The abdominal area is a bit more complicated because of all the belts .Use a mechanical 2B if you have one, if not just use a normal 2B but sharpen it very often .


Now shade the other arm and the lower part of the body .


The background is optional. I tried to make a few buildings in perspective . First you make an escape point , which is a point in which all the length axes intersect . Then you draw a grill of squares and sketch the building based on the axes .


You can make as many buildings as you want. I tried to keep it as simple as possible, so the background doesn't distract the viewers attention from the subject .

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January 21, 2015

Description: Hello people ! For the ones who are not familiar with this character, this is the Arkham Knight from the upcoming Batman-Arkham Knight game. Not much is known about this character , not even his identity . The only thing we know is that he is a villain or at least an anti-hero in the game . Good luck !

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