How to Draw a Mack Truck


Now, I had a hard time thinking how I should make the digital steps for this since it's the first time I draw a vehicle, let alone do a tutorial on it . But I remembered a sketching trick they taught us in college . You begin by drawing geometrical s   


Draw the outline of the truck inside the shapes .


Finally draw the details inside the outline .


Your sketch should look roughly like this .


We're going to start from the top and go down. Begin by shading the top part (I have no idea what you call it) with a 2B pencil. Just a light grey.


Blend everything with a brush (paint brush) or with a blending stump . After blending make a darker second layer with a 3B .


Blend again and make a 3rd darker layer with a 4B , then make some details . So you need 3 different layers of grey in total. You may be asking , why didn't I use the 4B from the beginning ? Well simply because you have more control over your surface   


The same thing applies to all the parts of the truck , 3 layers with blending in between . I only made 2 steps for each of the remaining parts because I saw no point explaining the same thing five times . The side of the truck has some reflections of   


The bottom part is the reflection , which is black, same goes for the part under the mirror.


Now make the first layer for the bottom part with the wheels .


This is actually the SECOND LAYER . I got confused in the scanning process .


This is the third layer on the bottom part and the first layer for the hood and windshield .


Make the second and third layers along with the reflections .


Now make the first layer on the bumper and front wheel .


Add the rest of the layers and final details.


Finally, draw a little shadow under the truck .

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November 13, 2014

Description: Hey guys , today I'm going to show you how to draw a realistic Mack Truck , just in case that wasn't obvious .

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