How to Draw a Peace Bug

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1 Circle Shape

First, let's begin with the circular shape for the ladybug body.

2 Head and Antennae

Then, draw his head and the spiral antennae.

3 FIll It In

Then, fill in the circle with the peace symbol and shade the head as well. That was so easy, wasn't it?

4 Final Line Art

After all is drawn and worked, you should have something similar to this!

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April 18, 2020

Description: Yup, you are seeing another. Instead of a skull, butterfly, dragonfly or animal, I wanted to make another peace lesson and this one is on another insect to help celebrate spring. Here is how to draw a peace bug, step by step. I love the chunky style of this ladybug peace sign. At first I was going to turn the red green for grass and have flowers shoot off the grass in place of the black spots. This whole concept is pretty easy to replicate so be prepared to enjoy the lesson on drawing a peace bug in the form of a ladybug.

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