How to Draw a Cupcake


This step is really easy.All you have to do is draw a straight,horizontal line,and then a slanted line on each side going up in an opposite direction.(Tip:don't make the lines really gives the cupcake more characteristic.)


This second step is a little harder than the last.Just make tiny half circles going across the top of the slanted lines.(Tip:try to draw the half circles the same size.It makes the cupcake look alot neater.


This step is really easy.There is really nothing to it.Just make a small curved line on each end of the cupcake.


This step is the most important.Connecting to the top of the curved lines,make big half circles,just like you did in Step 2.Just don't make them small.These need to be bigger.Then make half circles to form kind of like a circle.Leave an open space a   


Now,this step is fairly easy.You are just putting the finishing touch to your cupcake,like the cherry,eyes,mouth,sprinkles,or anything else that you want on your cupcake.Lets start with the cherry.In the open space at the top of cupcake,make a circle   


This just shows some of the many expressions you can do with your cupcake.You can make him angry,sad,happy,confused,just plain messed up,and alot more.Just remember:the key to making a perfect cupcake is to have fun with it...!


Here is a picture of a finished cupcake I made!Hope this tutorial helped everyone!

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March 19, 2012

Description: This is my first tutorial,and I don't have much to say about it,other than that this tutorial will teach you how to draw these darling cupcakes.

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