How to Draw Candy Canes, Candy Canes

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Begin with one vertical line like so.


You will now draw out the first candy cane of the bunch like so, and then proceed to step three.


Draw another candy cane attached to the first one you drew. Notice how the arches are faces opposite directions.


The first thing you want to do in this step is draw the band that is holding the candy canes together. Draw in the stripes and then move to step five.


Next, draw the other candy canes that are hidden but still seen on the edges and in the back. Add one stripe and move along. Clean up the drawing so you have a neat picture to color in.


Now that all is done, you can get busy coloring in your candy canes with fun and joy as you listen to a holiday CD.

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November 29, 2011

Description: Well guys, I am so excited that Christmas is almost here once again and because of this fact, I am too amped to not draw Christmas related things. I promise there is going to be a mix of everything; not just elves, Santa or his reindeer. Next up I will be showing you an easy way to learn "how to draw candy canes", step by step. Most of the time there is more than one candy cane on a tree when it is being decorated. You will most certainly end up with no candy canes by the time Christmas arrives because they are such an awesome treat to eat once in a while and the best part is, you can let them soak in your hot chocolate to give it a minty flare. The candy canes I drew for you today are in a bunch and they are going to be easy to replicate. If you are one of those people that don't like the minty cane, you can choose to go with a cherry or chocolate flavored cane instead. Just change the swirl colors to what you want and instantly you have yourself an awesome drawing of something you love. It doesn't matter what you choose to do when it comes to drawing things for Christmas. Just knowing that you guys will have all you need for ideas makes it all worth my while as I sit here and do what I love, draw. I hope you have another fun time as you begin the task of drawing candy canes for Christmas. I will be back soon with more fun so stay tuned!

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