How to Draw a Fortune Cookie, Fortune Cookie

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Begin with just a simple circle shape like you see here.


Next, draw out a banana like shape for the first end of the cookie.


Continue to sketch out the shape of the fortune cookie, and as you can see you are practically almost done. Move to step four to see what else you have to do.


Draw in the fortune paper which is hanging out like a loose tongue. Write the words you like to start a fortune for someone you know. Clean up the drawing and move along.


The line art looks as easy as pie, but in fortune cookie size. Color in your drawing and try something else out.

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November 17, 2011

Description: Okay guys, so I had the idea to make some more fun loving food related stuff since I have been getting requests for me to create some lately. I’m going to start by showing you "how to draw a fortune cookie", step by step. Everyone loves the old tradition of breaking open a fortune cookie after every Chinese dinner meal. I’m not going to lie, I look forward to getting, and picking my cookie to open. I know that these edible treats are mass produced which means so is the fortunes inside them; I just have fun seeing what kind of prediction I’m going to receive on each random day. I had fun drawing a fortune cookie and if you read the fortune, it’s left to the viewer’s imagination. Enjoy this tutorial guys, and let me know if you had fun tackling the task of making a fortune cookie from scratch. Peace people and enjoy!

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