How to Draw Kawaii Food

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You will be drawing four different pieces of food so let's start by making the guide shapes to aid us in creating some adorable kawaii food.


We will start with the apple. Draw out the shape of the apple like so, and then proceed to step three.


You will now draw the outlined shape of the folded in style of the banana. Be sure to make the creases of folds in the center of this fruit.


The third kawaii food you will draw in a slice of pizza. Start by drawing the crust, and then draw the triangular shape of the slice.


Finally the fourth food is going to be a cupcake. Draw in the spiral shaped frosting cap like so. You can choose to drizzle some jimmies on it, or leave it plan.


Finish drawing the base of the cupcake, and then draw in the stems, leafs, and then draw in the faces which is just colored in dots. Add some pepperoni and mushrooms on the pizza when you are done.


Here is what your finished drawings look like now that you are done. Color them all in and then you're ready to show them off.

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March 19, 2012

Description: This is going to be my last lesson for the day because I have a lot of work to do before I go live, and before I make more tutorials for tomorrow. There is something that is going to be coming your way real soon that is not in the form of a lesson. Anyways, here is "how to draw kawaii food", step by step. I know almost all the kawaii I have submitted thus far have been food related, but when you hear the word “kawaii” all you tend to think about is food related stuff. In this lesson you will be drawing all kinds of adorable looking food in kawaii form. I had a lot of fun creating these food characters and I know that you will too. Well that’s about it, I think you will enjoy this, as well as all of the other tuts you see on Dragoart today.

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