How to Draw Cereal, Cereal

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Make a large plus sign or symbol like you see here and move to step two.


Next, draw a large oval shape for the ring of the bowl at the very top section of your guides that you previously drew.


Draw in your cereal pieces as well as the milk line that fills the bowl.


Next, draw the entire outline or ring trim around the entire bowl shape. Take your time to ensure proper sketching.


Next and lastly, draw out the entire bowl shape like so, and then draw the bottom as well. Erase the guides and shapes that you made in step one to clean up the drawing.


When you are all done, your drawing should come out looking like the bowl of cereal you see here. Color it in and you can move along to something new.

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November 1, 2011

Description: Hello again my friends and foes, how are you all enjoying the day after Halloween? I hope you had a better time than I did yesterday because my day was crap. At least I found some kind of enjoyment out of my bowl of cold cereal that I ate as I watched Halloween on DVD. As I sat there sipping on the last bits of milk from the bottom of the bowl that I managed to spoon up, I came up the idea to draw cereal for my next tutorial. So here is what my heaping of goodness looked like when I was finding comfort in food last night. The task to drawing a bowl of cereal is not all that hard. The difficult aspect to this lesson is drawing the bowl. The milk and cereal is easier to draw than eating pie. Anyways, this should be fun because you can fill your bowl with your favorite breakfast brand and feel good about it. Have fun as you learn "how to draw cereal", and I will get busy with submitting the next lesson. Peace out folks and enjoy!

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