Drawing a Native American Tattoo


We will draw the shape of the head/face guide like so.


Define the lining and create the profile of the Native girl's face.


Draw and color in her eyebrow, then draw in the big or long eye shape. Add some lashes and then draw the mouth and nostril.


Let's draw the shape of her ear and detail the inside. Add the piercings and proceed to step five.


Up next, draw in the headband or headdress, then draw the feather, and then her hair. I chose to create a wavy style hair, but you can also choose to give her long straight hair.


Let's draw the curls to the top of her head, and then draw in the detailing to the headband and hair. Add the strand lines and peaks to form the mountains.


Up next and lastly, draw the mountains in the distance and then draw in her shoulder, sleeve line and stitching detail. Erase the mistakes along with the guides.


When all is complete, you should have line art that looks like the drawing you see here. color her in and show off your art.

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June 11, 2017

Description: This is probably one of the most prettiest tattoo drawing concepts I've done in a while. The idea for this concept came from when I went to the mall the other day and decided to walk in to the Native American shop. It was there that I became inspired to create a concept that was breathtaking. Here is a lesson on drawing a Native American tattoo, step by step. As you can see the Native girl is being viewed from behind as her head is turned looking over her shoulder. The hair flows down her back and eventually forms a stream of water. The mountains and sun help illuminate the face and surrounding area. I had so much fun with this lesson and I'm super excited to be submitting the tutorial for you now. Thanks guys and you have a good drawing day.

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