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Drawing Sitting Bull

Artist: Dawn / September 8, 2015
Drawing Sitting Bull

Step 1.

You will begin by drawing an egg shape for the head guide, then draw in the neck and shoulder guides.

Step 2.

Define the shape of Sitting Bull's face structure and notice that the top portion of the head narrows forming a tear drop shape. The sides of the face are angled and the jaw structure is square shaped.

Step 3.

Begin to use the facial guidelines to sketch in Sitting Bull's face. Start with the brows and nose, then draw in the mouth and frown lines. The lining for the eyes should be thin because you are basically drawing aged skin.

Step 4.

Continue to work on the eyes by drawing the actual eyes. They should be small, squint and full of wisdom. Add cheek bone detailing and the rest of the mouth or lips. Before you leave this step you will sketch in the forehead wrinkles and bags under t   

Step 5.

We will now draw out the hairstyle which is combed and in a neat manner. Next, we will sketch out the large feather behind the head which is very detailed.

Step 6.

We will now draw in Sitting Bull's shoulders and make the collar for his clothing. Draw in the buttons and then draw the braids which are nicely tied. Erase your mistakes and that's all there is to it.

Step 7.

Here is your line art when you are all done. All that you need to do now is color in Sitting Bull and show off your work.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 8, 2015
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Tags: how to draw real people, how to draw native americans
Description: One of today's lessons is going to be on an iconic figure from United States history. He was born in 1831 in Grand River, South Dakota. His parents named him Jumping Badger at birth but was later changed to Sitting Bull after the battle of the Lakota and Crow people took place back in 1844. It is also known that Sitting Bull had another Native American friend that is popular in our history named 'Crazy Horse'. During the time that his name was changed he was only fourteen years old and it wasn't until 1857 that he was given the role of a tribal chief for the Sioux Indians. Aside from being a tribal chief to the Sioux people, he was also a Shaman and a Holy Man. When the Sioux people ran into a shortage of buffalo, almost all the people starved and it was the driving force that lead them back to the United States and it was in the US that Sitting Bull was taken prisoner at Fort Randall for two years. Later in life he was a main attraction in Buffalo Bill Cody’s Show that toured the United States and later in life Sitting Bull lived out the remainder of his years on the Great Sioux Reservation.