Drawing a Bird Eye

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Start off by drawing the outer shape of the eye. The skin on the outside is rough and scale-ish. Add the detailing to the skin and then draw the shape of the eyeball as well.


You will then color in the pupil for the eye. This should be almost in the center of the eye, just off to the right a bit.


Here you will basically finish up the drawing by sketching the skin around the eye and then the sparse feathering as well. Notice I also drew in some of the beak too. Erase the mistakes too.


Here is the line art folks. Just go ahead and color in your rooster eye and show people what you've done.

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August 8, 2016

Description: Hello again people. Today I have two lessons that will show you how to draw animal anatomy from two different species. The first lesson will show you how to draw a bird's eye, step by step. The bird in this reference is actually a rooster. Since my parents have chickens, I decided to go ahead and draw the eye of a rooster. Roosters are funny birds because they have all this bravery and majestic stature, but if you run after one they will run too. Anyways, I do hope you enjoy this lesson. I have tip steps that I will be uploading within the next day or so to go along with the tutorial on drawing a bird eye. Adios people.

#how to draw chickens #how to draw roosters #bird drawings
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