How to Draw an Emu


First, let's draw the guidelines for the emu bird, which will help us shape up the body easily.


Next, let's draw the head and beginning stages of the beak.


Here, I've broken down the face in 3 easy steps, make sure you draw through these at a comfortable pace.


Then, draw the neck pattern that distinguish this creature's uniqueness.


After, sketch a nice little crown around the neck of the bird and then draw the back and the beginning of the bushy tail area.


Then, we will draw the underside of this creature as well as the leg and toes.


Next, sketch the individual feathers and fluffy texture on the body.


Lastly, draw the remaining hind leg.


Once you are satisfied with the way your drawing looks, go ahead and ink your piece out and you should end up with something like this! Don't forget to ink it out to polish your work.

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January 11, 2020

Description: Are you guys ready to draw another kick-ace animal? In this lesson we will be learning how to draw an emu bird, those really fluffy and long shaped birds that are similar to ostriches. There are many species of Emu and I just so happened to draw a unique specie! Let me know what you bros and yos think of this lesson :) Deuces, y'all!

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