How to Draw a Chicken for Beginners

Artist: Dawn / August 8, 2020

Step 1.

The first thing you do is make two shapes, one for the head and another for the body. Connect the two with a neck guideline and add the guidelines for the face, legs and feet.

Step 2.

All you will do here is draw out the outline of the chicken's body. Start with the head, then move down to the neck, draw out the feathery tail and come back up and around until you have the beak and waddle draw out. Also, make the circle for the eye   

Step 3.

Color in a perfect circle for the eyeball.

Step 4.

Add the chicken's crown.

Step 5.

Draw in the chicken's wing and then add a simple layer of feathers outlining the inner part of the tail.

Step 6.

Lastly, draw the legs and feet don't forget to draw the nails. Erase the mistakes and guides.

Step 7.

You're done. Now you can color in your chicken.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Okay, we will move on to another animal with a lesson for beginners. Up next, let's learn how to draw a chicken for beginners, step by step. Chickens can be a bit tricky to draw, but this lesson will how you drawing like a pro...or at least chickens like a pro. Anyways, let's get started because there are so many other lessons that need to be uploaded.