Drawing a Baby Chinese Dragon

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Let us begin by drawing the head guide and then draw the body guidelines.


Up next, let's draw in the baby Chinese dragon's snout. Do this by first drawing the nose tip and then draw the muzzle, jaw and chin. When that is done draw the mustache or whisker hairs and then add some baby teeth as well as some fluff on the cheek   


Complete the head shape and draw in the large shapes for the eyes. Once that is done you can draw the ears and some of the sharp frills on the middle of the head.


Let's draw in this baby dragon's body. Start with the neck, then work your way through to drawing the left side. Add some hair in back of the head and back.


We will now draw all the legs and feet. Since this is a baby dragon you will need to draw the small mini limbs.


Finish everything off by drawing the dragon tail and then draw the tuft at the end of the tail. Color in the pupils and you are ready to erase the mistakes and guides.


This is the line art when you are all done. Now color in your baby Chinese Dragon.

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June 27, 2016

Description: Hey guys. I hope you are all having fun and getting ready for Independence Day (for those of you in the United States). I thought I would do things right and upload a bunch of adorable lessons that are both fun to draw and exciting to color. Let's start with this tutorial on how to draw a baby Chinese dragon, step by step. Of all the dragons I have drawn in the past I can honestly say I never did one on a baby Chinese dragon. I love the way this dragon came out. I'm proud of the coloring and background and I hope that all of you who tackle this lesson like it too. I will be back with other tuts so don't go anywhere far.

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