how to draw cute baby spike the dragon

Artist: Racoon_with_a_pencile / July 16, 2016

Step 1.

first start by drawing the cheek.

Step 2.

next draw the muzzle(nose/mouth) of spike.

Step 3.

now draw his cute spikes going along his head, and dont worry it will start to get interesting soon.

Step 4.

now add the front of the tummy and the back of the head.

Step 5.

add another line to indicate where the "breast plates" will be, and draw another few curved lines for the foot.

Step 6.

add more lines for the tummy and the back leg, then draw the cute wing like ear.

Step 7.

ok now add the other leg.And draw some lines in between each tummy line, you may click on the picture to see it better.

Step 8.

ok we are almost done now, draw the rest of the tail and back leg remembering to but the littler lines in between the two lines at the bottom of the tail.

Step 9.

second to last step! this one is simple you just have to draw the cute eyes for baby spike.

Step 10.

now if you want you can color and shade your baby spike! hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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Artist: Racoon_with_a_pencile
Date Added: July 16, 2016
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Tags: dragon drawing, how to draw spike, dragon drawings, spike the dragon ect, easy dragon drawing
Description: hi everyone my sister loves spike the dragon and she wanted me to draw it so i figured i would show you guys, for all those mlp fans out there.