How to Draw Elliot From Petes Dragon


Draw the guides for the head, torso and butt end. When that is done draw in the guidelines for the neck legs and tail.


You can now draw the snout which should be thick and child like. Once that is done draw in the nostrils and then the eyes and colored eyebrows.


We will finish Elliot's head and face by drawing the strong chin and jaw structure. When that is done you can draw in the ears, hair on the head and then some of the scale marks.


Now that Elliot's head and face is done, you can begin drawing the body starting with the long neck. The neck flows into the chest, then from there draw the arms and hands. Add some nails on the fingers too.


Continue on with the body. Draw the back, and back leg. You will also need to draw in Elliot's foot and toes too.


Almost done people. Just draw in the other leg and foot, then draw in the rest of the belly and then finally the long tail. Elliot is in flight which is why he seems suspended in air.


For the last drawing step draw in the wings (considerably small for his body) and then draw the scales all over the body and then the horizontal scales on the belly. Erase the mistakes and guides then detail the wings followed by the spines going dow   


Here is the line art. Just color in Elliot from Pete's Dragon and you're done.

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July 11, 2016

Description: I've done a lesson on Elliot before, but it wasn't a full body lesson. Today I will be giving you a tutorial on how to draw Elliot from Pete's Dragon, step by step. This is said to be a major film release. People are already talking about this movie and I totally agree that it is going to blow up in the box office. Making this dragon from Pete's Dragon was really fun because it brought me back to my childhood. I hope you enjoy it too because it really is a blast. Anyways, stick around folks because there are more lessons coming your way.

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