How to Draw Love Potion No. 9


Make a circle and then add the guidelines.


Start to sketch out the shape of the skull's head but with a design of the rose.


Sketch out the shape of the eye and shade it in as well as add detailing or definition at the brow.


Next, draw in the potion bottle.


Continue to work on the skull rose like you see here until you have the formation created.


Add the potion liquid spilling out from the bottle and on to the ground like so. Color in the liquid and add some more shading to the back of the skull.


Lastly, add detailing to the bottle and draw in the heart inside. Be sure to sketch in all the definition so it comes out the way to see it presented to you here. Erase the mistakes and guides.


Once the drawing is cleaned up you should have art that looks like the one you see here. Now add some color if you'd like.

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August 20, 2020

Description: Hey guys. Here is something different that you can try out for the Halloween season that is coming up. Today I will show you guys how to draw Love Potion No. 9, step by step. This is basically a potion bottle that is filled with the heart of the one you love and from behind is the skull who is made up of a rose. The rose signifies love, while the skull represents death and the heart supposed to belong to the one you love that you are trying to put a spell on. Of course it's not really a human heart and like all witchery potions, they tend to use parts of animals to cast their spells. I do hope you love this lesson, I had fun with it for sure.

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