How to Draw Anubis and Grim Reaper

How to Draw Anubis and Grim Reaper
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Let's get started. Start off by drawing all the guidelines and shapes to create the body and object framework for the two figures.


Start with Anubis. Draw in parts of the nose or muzzle and then draw out the mouth and teeth.


Here you will begin to draw out the face shape and structure followed by the shape of the eye. Take your time as this is a very detailed lesson and you will have to draw in all the definition to the face as well. Notice how you also have to draw out    


Go ahead and draw out the rest of the head coverings that will also shape out the head of Anubis. Be sure to add all the detailing and definition that goes with it.


Let's start drawing out the body. Begin with the arms and then draw out the hands. In one hand he is holding a talisman. Draw in a detailed and defined chest and then draw the rest of the formation around Anubis' torso and waist.


In this step you will draw out the enormous swirl of smoke that frames out both figures. Take your time here because this is also a detailed step. Draw the staff of Anubis and then draw the entire design of the staff at the top.


You can start to draw out the Reaper next. Begin with the head and face and then draw in the badly worn and tattered cloak. He is holding a lantern and of course the scythe. When you make his arms they will be skeletal. Again, sketch in the detailing   


Lastly, finish drawing the scythe by creating the blade. When you are done with that you can clean up the mistakes and any visible guides.


There you have it, Now all that is left to do is add some color if you want.

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August 20, 2020

Howdy all you amazing artists out there here on Drago. Today I have a few concept pieces that I will be uploading. Not sure if I will get a chance to submit them all today, but I will try my best. To start the concept art lesson day I wanted to submit this drawing tutorial on how to draw Anubis and Grim Reaper, step by step. Now as you know these two figures are both very similar. They both belong to the afterlife, they both bring lost souls to their permanent staying ground, and they both represent death. Although Anubis is the protector to the gates of the Underworld, and the Grim Reaper Grim is known to cause a victim's death and at the same time stays to collect that person's soul. No matter how you look at it, both figures are dark and powerful and that is what I wanted to portray here in the art. I do hope you enjoy this lesson on drawing Anubis and Grim Reaper, They are different, but same.

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