How to Draw Dart From Stranger Things, Chibi Dart

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Start with a large egg like shape for the head and then draw a small body guide shape as well.


You will now draw the actual structure and size of Dart's head in chibi style. Even though it's chibi, Dart's head still looks pretty accurate. Add detailing to create surface texture and then some teeth.


Here you will draw the front legs and shape of the chest. Add the one foot too and the toe lines.


Finish the body formation by drawing the back and back legs. Don't forget about the adorable chibi feet and toes as well as the other front foot. Add texture too.


Finally, draw in the tail which is thick and then sketch in detailing to the tail as well. Erase the mistakes and any of the visible guides.


That's it, your drawing of this chibi version of Dart from Stranger Things is ready to be colored in. Enjoy and don't forget to like, comment, love, fav and share.

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December 1, 2021

Description: Here is a piece for all you Stranger Things fans out there who fell in love with the creature that Dustin fell in love with. Here is how to draw Dart from Stranger Things, step by step. Dart is actually short for D'Artagnan. Dart is a demogorgon demodog. I didn't want to make a lesson on Dart in his real form, so I turned him into an adorable chibi sized character. Now you have a lesson on how to draw chibi Dart or how to draw a chibi demogorgon demodog. I love how Dart came out and I think you all will too. Have fun, if there is another Stranger Things character you would like to see a tut on, drop me a request.

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