Angel Statue Drawing Lesson

Artist: Dawn / October 16, 2015

Step 1.

Begin like we always do and that's by drawing the guide shapes and lines to create the torso and head guides.

Step 2.

Define the shape of the angel's stone face structure and then draw in the stone curls or some of them.

Step 3.

Continue to work on the head by drawing the layers of thick curls. This is a stone angel statue so be sure to make them look like waves in layers.

Step 4.

Use the facial guidelines to draw in the face starting with the eyes, nose and mouth. Color in the top lip, and detail the face. You can also draw any type of expression you like.

Step 5.

Let's work on the body next. This is a male angel statue and it's supposed to look like Jim Morrison's statue that is used as his headstone located in Paris, France. The shoulders and arms should be first, then draw in the chest and hands. Add the de   

Step 6.

We will now draw in the stone style wings. These are very simple to recreate so just take your time and you will do fine.

Step 7.

Draw the band around the left arm and draw a knife in the right hand.

Step 8.

We will draw in the fog that floats at the bottom of the ground. As you know the cemetery is even creepier when the fog comes in.

Step 9.

Lastly, draw in some plain rounded headstones in the background along with an old style cross. Erase your mistakes and guides then you're done.

Step 10.

This is what the line art looks like when you are all done. Now you can have a blast coloring in the angle statue the way you see fit.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 16, 2015
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Description: One of the many things that is popular with Halloween lovers, is the traditional stroll through the cemetery with friends or even by yourself as you celebrate Halloween by making the day even more intense. If you have never walked through a cemetery on Halloween before, it is an experience that I think everyone should safely try at least once before you're old. This tutorial will show you how to draw an angel statue, step by step in a deep. dark depressing style. As you can see the angel in this tutorial is sort of at a loss because they are trying to figure out what life was all about. This drawing can also be interpreted to any story, so whatever you think it means, should mean or could mean, let me hear some of your thoughts. I will be back with other cool tuts so stay tuned in to see what they are.