Drawing Angels Skulls

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Make the three guide shapes to form the framework for your angel. Also sketch in the guidelines for the neck and body.


Next, draw a halo around the head and then proceed to step three.


Up next, begin sketching out the head and face profile. As you can see the skin is melted from the bone creating a stretch effect with the face. Draw the top row of teeth, then add detailing for the face.


You will then draw the bottom jaw which is dis-attached from the skull. Also draw in the melted skin tissue from the jaw and then draw the shoulder and arm. Also, sketch in the angel's hand too.


We will now draw the body. As you can see it's the back, butt, torso, stomach and some of the thigh. Sketch in the navel slit and the body detailing as well.


We will now sketch out the wings for your angel. I didn't want to make them too big, so I kept the concept of the wings small. Once your wings are drawn in, you can start erasing your mistakes and guides.


Here is the line art people. Now you can enjoy coloring in this angel concept to your liking.

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September 4, 2015

Description: This piece of art came to me when I was in a tattoo/piercing parlor last week. I was going through the books hanging on the wall of different tattoo designs and there was only one that stood out to me. The concept of my angel is a bit different than the one at the parlor. Mine has the angel holding her falling jaw in place as she struggles to be human, while the other design was of an angel without a head holding a skull in her hand. Anyways, this is a really nice lesson that I think folks would enjoy. Especially those who have a love for angels and skulls. I shall return folks. Enjoy the lesson and peace out!

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