Drawing Blackbeard, Step by Step


We will start the first step by drawing the whole shape and style of the hat that Blackbeard wears.


Start sketching out the face starting with the sides of the head. You will also draw in the mouth and cheek bone indents.


In this step you really want to take your time as you sketch in the shapes of the eyes. Darken around the eyes and draw in the mean expressive eyebrows. When that is done draw the nose, add the frown lines on the sides of the nose and then sketch in    


Take your time with this step by drawing Blackbeard's hairstyle and beard. Notice that the beard is split in two and is braided. Add all the fine lines that makes up the detailing to his facial hair and hairstyle.


Add shading all over the face to create an intense look and drawing style.


We will add holes along the lid of his hat like you see here.


lastly, sketch in his coat starting with the shoulders, arms and texture definition. Add some shading all over his thick, heavy coat and erase your mistakes when you are all done.


Here is the line art when you are all done. Now all you have to do is color in this drawing of Blackbeard and show folks who you just drew from history.

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September 3, 2017

Description: For those of you who like history and history on pirates, you may enjoy this tutorial on how to draw Blackbeard, step by step. This nonfictional character has been portrayed by many figures including the pirate from Pan, Blackbeard from Pirates of the Caribbean, and many more. I wanted this version of Blackbeard to be seriously cool so I spent about three hours on the detailing and shading. Blackbeard was the most popular real life pirates from 1716 until his death in 1718. Like many pirates, Blackbeard had a short life. He was born Edward Teach from Bristol, England. I do hope that you like this tutorial. I know that kids will need a lesson like this one for a school project in the future so when you need it, it's here for you. I shall return so don't go anywhere.

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