Pig Anatomy Drawing

Artist: Dawn / December 30, 2014

Step 1.

In this drawing I used the silhouette of a pig so I can showcase their internal skeleton. Like all animals, pigs have ribs, a skull, shoulder bones, leg bones, a spine that consists of vertebra, and pelvic bones.

Step 2.

In this drawing of pig anatomy, I drew all the internal organs and labeled them all with their proper names. You have the esophagus, trachea, lungs, heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, stomach or intestines, and of course the rectum. There are other organ   

Step 3.

In this drawing step you can see the genetic make up of the pig's muscle tissue as well as the eyeball. Notice the lighter colored areas, these are tendons and or fat.

Step 4.

Here is two sketched of the pig's head on different angles. Once is a head on sketch of a pig's head and face, and the other is a 3/4 angled view of a pig. Notice the large ears and snout on a pig. Even though these parts to a pig's face may differ i   

Step 5.

And lastly, here is three different drawings of pigs feet. All three are drawn on angles, and if you look good enough you can see the shading that defines each pig foot.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 30, 2014
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Description: Okay folks so there are a total of three animal anatomy drawings that I will be uploading and that includes the one you see here. Up next, we will take a look at the pig both externally and internally. Pigs are often associated with filth and that's because they love rolling in the mud and love eating garbage. Even though they enjoy these things, they are actually pretty clean, or so I'm told. I actually know someone that keeps pigs every year and the subject cane up about their cleanliness and that is when the conversation took on another dimension. So, having said that this is a drawing on pig anatomy. Enjoy the education folks, I will be back soon with more artistic fun.