How to Draw a Farm Pig

How to Draw a Farm Pig
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Make two shapes, one for the head and another for the body. You will then draw the guidelines for the face and tail.


Next, using the guide you just made, go ahead and draw out the shape or structure of the pig's head. Include the big floppy ears as well.


We will now utilize the facial guidelines to draw in the pig face. Start with the eyes, then draw out the nose, nostrils, mouth and brows. Add dashes of lashes and a small sprig of hair on top of the head.


Next, draw the simple to make body. Start with a rounded shape and from it draw out all four legs and hooves.


Add the curly tail and erase the mistakes as well as guides.


You're done. Now just color in your farm pig and show off your work once you've created a background.

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August 6, 2020

Hey everyone. Welcome back to another fun filled lesson day. Today I will start with some more animals, but this time the animals will be farm animals. To hit things off, here is a tutorial that shows you how to draw a farm pig, step by step. Pigs are one of those animals that you either love or hate. Some folks believe them to be dumb and dirty, other think of them as intelligent and clean. Whatever the case may be you are sure to find a pig on any homesteading farm. Have fun drawing a farm pig, I will be back with other tuts to enjoy and learn from.

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