How to Draw Waddles, Waddles, Gravity Falls

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Begin with a large bean shape like you see here. You will need to sketch out the facial guides too.


Draw the front part of Waddle's face and forehead like so. Waddle's forehead also needs to be added before moving to step three.


You will draw out Waddle's pig ears which are sort of floppy but firm. Add a dimple in the center of the ear for detail.


Color in the eyes, then draw the pig nose, chubby cheeks, and a simple smile line. Add a chin dent as well as the bridge for the snout.


Draw Waddles' body like so, and make sure that the back leg is chubby and the front one is stiff and stumpy.


Draw the other legs, as well as the curly tail. Draw the marking on his thigh, then draw in the hooves. Erase any mistakes you made as well as the guides from step one.


Look how cute Waddles looks even as line art. Color him in to bring this piggy to life. Great work everyone.

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February 21, 2013

Description: So here is another character from the animated series 'Gravity Falls'. Today instead of doing another human, I wanted to make a tutorial on an actual animal from the series. So here is "how to draw Waddles", step by step. Waddles happens to belong to Mabel. She won Waddles at a fair when she guessed his weight. Of course the only reason why she chose to gamble on Waddles is because he was the only thing that made a sound when she was looking at her surroundings and choices. He is a cute pig for a cartoon. I mean, I wouldn't ever want to own a pig because their noses are so yuk to me. Anyways, have fun drawing Waddles. The day is still not over because I have more fun coming your way, Adios mi amigos.

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