How to Draw a Pixie


Ok ok, first, let us begin by always starting with the guidelines for this pixie chick! Draw these LIGHTLY! You don't want to have a hard time erasing them later on...


Then, let's work on drawing the beginning stages of her face slowly...Draw the front of the head, then the ear.


First, draw the guidelines for the head shape.


Here we will begin by drawing the fairy's hairstyle or the start of her hair. To do this we will create soft flows of hair that fall on her face which will frame the face when finished. Take your time so it comes out neat.


Create the pod in the center of her head which is attached to the stem. Sketch in detailing to the stem as you can see here.


Now that the face is framed with her hairstyle, you can draw the actual shape of the fairy's face. When that is finshed draw in her eyes, nose and mouth. Sketch in the eyebrows as well and then sketch in some details to the face to add that softened    


Moving on to the sides of her head which is where we will draw her large pointed elven style ears. If you have drawn elves in the past you should be able to draw the ears of a fairy as well since they are similar.


When all is complete your pixie's face should look like the one you see here. Perfect.


Next, let's draw the hair framing her face! Don't forget to sketch in her headband!


Then, let's move our attention to the flower part attached to her headband. This adds a 'nature' element to the pixie as if she thrived living off of nature!


Let's draw the body! I prefer drawing the arm first, only because you'll know how much of a torso and waist to give her to kind of balance the body shape as a whole.


I was kind of inspired by Disney's Tinkerbell franchise, and went with a flower leaf based dress! So draw the shape of her dress and use thinner lines to sketch the details which resemble the veins of a leaf!


Next, we'll draw her really pretty legs, starting with the bent one first. Once you've drawn that one, you can move onto drawing her extended one!


Let's sketch the shape of her wings! Drawing fairy wings can be a bit tricky, so I prefer checking out references of butterfly and other flying insect wings to give you a basic idea on how they are shaped.


Let's work on using thinner lines and sketching in some details for those wings!


I can't stress enough to REFERENCE butterfly wings! Trust me, it's a huge help! Use thin lines to sketch the pattern of her wings, starting with the inner pattern first, then pan your way outwards toward the ends of them.


Annnnd that's it! Trace over your lines with a pen or sharpie, and erase your prior guidelines from before and this should result! Thanks so much for checking this tut out and joining me guys!

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April 5, 2021

Description: What's up guys? Welcome back to another addition to the Dawn Dragoart paradise and today, I will be showing you how to draw a wicked cute and bright pixie girl! As you can see, I've even given her a 'pixie' haircut too! (Isn't that clever?) I've invested many hours into this lesson, mostly for the creation of the final colored image, and an hour or so was devoted to the steps. I've even included sub steps showing you how to draw her cute face from the front too! Don't be shy to leave a comment below as to how you think of this or if you've tried the lesson! Peace and good luck!

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